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Woolf Farming Subscribes to Gridtractor Plan

Gridtractor announced today that California-based Woolf Farming signed up for the Gridtractor Plan Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to develop a roadmap for adopting electric farm equipment and integrating with their irrigation and solar infrastructure.

"Woolf Farming is working alongside Gridtractor to continue our leadership as early adopters of technology and innovation that allows us to maximize both quality and yield, while also enhancing the value of the natural resources we manage" said Daniel Hartwig, Resource Manager for Woolf Farming. "Taking control of the energy used to power machinery and leveraging our investments in solar and irrigation fits with our business strategy and commitment to sustainability. We look forward to working with Gridtractor to accelerate the options for growers to electrify."

"Woolf Farming is not only one of the largest growers in California but a leader in technology and in managing scarce resources to ensure the long-term viability of Ag" said David Meyers, Gridtractor's CEO. "Woolf Farming's decision to assess the fleet electrification opportunity and integration with their electrical infrastructure and management is a strong signal to manufacturers, regulators and utilities that farm fleet electrification is a real opportunity for them and a further indication that Gridtractor's technology can pave the way."


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