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The first in Ag Fleet Electrification, with deep roots in ag and energy.

Building on groundbreaking achievements at the intersection of agriculture, energy and technology, we set our sites on electrifying the world's fleet of tractors and diesel-powered farm equipment.

For more than a century, the tractor has been the quintessential multi-purpose tool for farming. Just fill the tank and, with a power-take-off, the tractor could do just about any job on a farm. The only catch is that the farmer had little control over the supply and cost of fuel - when prices were high, profits were slim. 


Now, with the transition to electrification of transportation, farmers can produce their own energy, buy from the grid when prices are low, store in tractors’ and farm equipment’s batteries, and even sell back to the grid when prices are high. 


Tractors and other vehicles and farm equipment turn into multi-purpose tools for the grid—grid tractors—and help farmers make more money, sustainably.

On the Cutting Edge of Vehicle Grid Integration

Gridtractor is the prime contractor on a California Energy Commission (CEC)-funded project to develop technologies for several advanced V2X use cases and operate them in the field. 

The On Farm Mobile Microgrid (OFMM) will use existing electrical services for EVSE deployment and use hardware and software to manage their use for charging, irrigation and other loads, and employ tractor batteries to supply loads and export power to the grid. 

The OFMM architecture supports virtually unlimited use cases--backup for grid outages, TOU response, dynamic price response and demand response--by consolidating market signals and user inputs in the cloud into simple, standards-based instructions to hardware in the field.


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