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NY Times Makes the Case for Gridtractor

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

As if on cue, the Times published a piece today detailing the difficulty in meeting renewable and EV growth goals because of shortfalls in necessary grid infrastructure and the slow pace of adding new capacity.

A more blunt summary of the woes of consumers who can't use their new solar panels or plug in their EVs is that the world will not be saved by another VC power couple in Silicon Valley winning a Tesla hat trick (solar, storage, EV). What is needed is to make use of existing infrastructure and focus near-term investment in new assets on those that can do the most good now until the grid catches up. That's where Gridtractor comes in. A solar array in California's Central Valley sending power to offices in L.A., flooding the market along with all the other solar generation, can fill a tractor battery and use that energy right there

to replace the dirtiest diesel emissions. When the sun goes down, and demand spikes, the tractor can send power back to the grid or use it locally to power a pump that must keep running to irrigate crops. All of the infrastructure is in place in existing solar and load interconnections! We just need to send the market signals that will spur supply of electric tractors.


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