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The first in Ag Fleet Electrification, with deep roots in ag and energy.


A team that has worked together for over a decade at the intersection of agriculture, energy and technology sets its sites on electrifying the world's fleet of tractors and diesel-powered farm equipment.

For more than a century, the tractor has been the quintessential multi-purpose tool for farming. Just fill the tank and, with a power-take-off, the tractor could do just about any job on a farm. The only catch is that the farmer had little control over the supply and cost of fuel - when prices were high, profits were slim. 


Now, with the transition to electrification of transportation, farmers can produce their own energy, buy from the grid when prices are low, store in tractors’ and farm equipment’s batteries, and even sell back to the grid when prices are high. 


Tractors and other vehicles and farm equipment turn into multi-purpose tools for the grid—grid tractors—and help farmers make more money, sustainably.

Building on Strong Foundations

Gridtractor is a partially-owned subsidiary of Polaris Energy Services. Building on Polaris’ platform that automates and links hundreds of irrigation pumps to energy markets, the deep experience and knowledge of its team, and reputation for innovation and thought leadership in agricultural energy, Gridtractor is accelerating the electrification of farm equipment.


Gridtractor's founding team brings a unique blend of technology and business capabilities, from the simple field valve to the most sophisticated ag energy platform and from the first small contract to global strategy.


Join Us in Electrifying Ag!

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